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Professor of Energy Science & Engineering

Daniel Tartakovsky


Ph.D., Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, The University of Arizona, Tucson, Hydrology (1996)
M.Sc., Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Kazan State University, Russia (Summa Cum Laude), Applied Mathematics/Fluid Mechanics (1991)


Environmental fluid mechanics: Subsurface flow and contaminant transport, multiphase flow, groundwater hydrology, reservoir simulations, well hydraulics, surface-water/groundwater interactions, inverse modeling, subsurface imaging, decisions under uncerta
Applied and computational mathematics: Mathematical modeling of complex systems (electrochemistryfor energy storage, design of nano-porous materials), uncertainty quantification, probabilistic risk assessment, stochastic partial differential equations, hy
Biomedical modeling: Blood flow, microcirculation, intracellular and intercellular transport, bioinformatics, computational cell biology, hemodynamics, chemotaxis.